Let Nancy Help you Find

Your Dream Home

  1. What is your price range? Nancy can help you Determine your Affordability.
    1. Get a Pre-Qualify Letter
    2. Shop for mortgage rate & loan term
      1. .5% difference for $100,000 is $35/month so $12,600 over 30 years
    3. Closing Fee cost between 1%-1.5% of sales price. Put those money aside.
  2. Decide WHERE you want to buy?
    1. Buyers should Limit to 1 area/4 cities. Different ways to better understand an area:
      1. Visit weekend Open House
      2. Internet: www.realtor.com or www.nancyliu.com
      3. Nancy lived in the San Gabriel Valley for 20 YEARS, give her a call so she can tell you what her experiences was like living in these neighborhoods.
  3. WHAT do you want to buy?
    1. Type of house - single family resident, condo or townhouse
    2. Age of house
    3. # of Bedroom and Bathroom
    4. Pool
    5. View
    6. etc
  4. Daily Email on new homes that just came on the market
  5. Preview all available homes on the market and select the best ones for you
  6. Drive you and your love one to view the homes
  7. Write up an Competitive Offer that will get Accepted by the seller
  8. Open Escrow
  9. Assist you with the escrow process so the transfer of ownership will be quick, smooth and on-time.
  10. I hope that I will have the Honor to help you buy Your Dream Home. If you have any question, please feel free to give me a call. My number is 626-369-1628. My email is nancyliu2000@aol.com.

Thank you for your time,

Nancy Liu